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Where to find Judgements

Employment Tribunal cases are not normally reported (except in Northern Ireland). If you want to find out about the way that employment law has been applied, you need to look at the Employment Appeal Tribunal website.

Here, in the Judgments section you will find Employment Tribunal decisions that were appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Searching the Judgements

The Employment Appeal Tribunal's database of judgments can be searched by topic, such as unfair dismissal, and then subtopic, such as constructive dismissal, as well as by case name.

The video shows you how to find cases that are similar in both facts and law to your own so that you can gain an understanding of what you need to show the employment tribunal to defend your claim.

Notes to accompany the video: Employment Appeal Tribunal Websitepdf

The notes and the videos that they accompany are intended as a guide only to the procedure to be followed by a Respondent in the Employment Tribunal. These notes and the videos that they accompany are not a substitute for taking professional legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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