Initial Consultation

Picture of two people meeting

One Hour Phone Call

I will phone you at the time that you have booked. We can use the slot to discuss your case and I can answer any questions that you have. Depending on the facts and what stage you are at you may end up deciding that the best thing is to seek a good settlement. You may discover what to include in your documents and what evidence you need. You may well discover strengths in your case that you didn’t know you had.

By the end of the appointment I will have told you what I think about your case and will later confirm the key points to you in writing. I will also provide my assessment of how strong your case is and some idea of the value/cost of the claim.

When you have requested your slot I will be in touch asking for the information that I need you to provide me with and details of how to provide it. That will help to make the best use of the time that you are paying for. If the invoice is not paid within one day I may have to delete your slot so that it is free for others to book.

Any and all documents and/or information that you have sent me will be deleted within a week after your consultation unless you continue to use my services for that case.

Send me an email to book your Initial Consultation Please include the name of the employer which I need to avoid any conflict of interests.

After you have had your initial consultation with me you can make use of my further Support. By then you will know what more help you may need and when you may need it.