Recent Cases

Below are some snippets from emails in the last four cases that I dealt with after they were over.

Hi Francis
Just to let you know that a mutually agreed settlement was achieved between myself and ****.
Be assured that this was in no small part due to your help and advice, for which I am extremely grateful at bringing this to a satisfactory conclusion.
Best wishes

Thanks very much.
And thanks for coming to me.
And all the VERY best for the future.
Francis Wildman
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Thankyou very much Francis, right back at you 😉
Take care

I’ve received the money, still waiting on paperwork but I have no doubt it’s on the way! 
Thank you so much for your help and support in all of this. It’s really appreciated.
I hope you’ve recovered from when we last spoke…

So we accept that?
Francis Wildman
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Yes we do! 🙂
Thank you, Francis 🙂