About Me

Francis Bazinga

I am Francis Wildman if you book an initial consultation it will be with me. I was late coming to the law, I graduated from the University of Kent Law School in 2003. I went on to complete the BVC. I have been representing clients in Employment Tribunals around the United Kingdom now for about 20 years. I have represented many Employers and Employees over the years.

I spent a few years teaching at Kent Law School, University of Kent along side my private clients. I have worked a lot with the Kent Law Clinic, a free legal advice service for local people based at Kent Law School. There I supervised students working on real cases mostly in the Employment Tribunal and the County Court.

Having been a litigant in person myself before becoming a lawyer, I know what it is like to take on the system. It is not always about winning in the Employment Tribunal, as it can be pragmatic to agree to a settlement. Negotiating settlements is a large part of what I do but, as always, I am working to act in your best interests.

There is a great deal to get right in an Employment Tribunal case. You need to get your application or response as good as it can be. Comply with the rules before you get to a hearing. Make a good case at the hearing and deal with what comes up.

I have represented employees against all kinds of employers. From local authorities, schools and the police to banks, phone companies, restaurants and builders. It is hard to think of a sector that I haven’t defended people’s rights against. I have also represented many different kinds of employers from large service companies to small independent businesses. I can provide an initial consultation at any stage so that you can get a clear understanding of what you need to do next.